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The capital city of the federal state of lower Saxony, located to the west of Braunschweig and between the lower German plain and the foothills of the lower saxony hills, is a world wide known exhibition center. Exhibitions like the CeBit, the world's largest computer exhibition, and the Industrial Fair of Hanover take place here. This is also home to other medium and small-sized exhibitions, which in sum amounts to about 500 per year.

But there is much more than exhibitions in Hannover. For example, the stony walls from the time Hannover was the capital city of the Hannover kingdom, still exist along with some of the towers of the city defense from the middleages. Parts from the “hannoverschen Landeswehr” area still exist as well. A great number of churches, buildings, museums and designed public green spaces help tell the history of Hannover as well. In the Year 2000 the World EXPO took place here, and today many of the pavillions are used for conventions and are open to the public. Unfortunately, there are usually no available hotels in this area. Even in the off season, a majority of the hotels here are booked out for months. But on gloveler.com you will definitely find a nice and private accommodation to stay at during your trip in Hannover.

More information about CeBIT can you find here.

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Hanover sightseeing

Herrenhäuser Gärten (manor gardens)
In one of the most important European baroque gardens with a 80 meter high fountain you can enjoy a relaxing walk after spending your day entrenched in history.
Green Ring
The 80km long walking an cycling tour arround Hanover is a good alternative to become acquainted with the city.
Inner City
Downtown of Hanover is the place to be with the Marketchurch and the old town hall in the Low German style of "brick gothic" .
The rare collection of caricature and critical graphics by Wilhelm Busch are complemented by changing exhibitions of cartoons and comics.
Welfenschloss (Castle of the Guelphs)
Primarily planned as the residence of the Guelph it was given to the University in the process of the annexation of Hanover by Prussia.

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